impacTec premium protectors are the result of many years of research and development, exploring various types of material to perfect our protector production and safety rating. We believe in protecting the enviroment, ensuring your safety, managing our productivity, and of course, in continuous research to improve the quality of our products.

Our Mission is to be the market leader in the world of personal protection

We will achieve this by:

  • Taking an industry lead in product research and development

  • Perfecting the balance between price and quality

  • Creating unique, intuitive business relationships

  • Encouraging partnerships that drive innovation, without sacrificing consistency

  • Being open-minded and learning from customer experience

  • Building an international knowledge community dedicated to improving rider and road safety.


Our Values:

  • Passion - we are not just in it for the money

  • Professionalism - we work together to honour our commitments and colleagues alike

  • Research - we are continuously striving to improve quality and safety outcomes

  • Responsibility - to our planet, our workforce, our clients and customer safety

  • Community - we are building something awesome, for all of us.