Our protector production is an in-house mixture of different materials, combined under special conditions. Thanks to our many partners, friends and consultants we continue to improve on what we do and how we do it!

Why Green?

1 - Waste Management System
A certain amount of waste will always come as a result of the production process but there are ways to reduce this, such as reuse and recycling. With the creativity of our product designers we even now produce cubes that can be used as seats. They are super comfortable, let us know if you want one?

2 - Low Energy Consumption
This is thanks to our new development PU formula which allows us to use very low temperature when producing our protectors. We worked through different heat conditions to reduce our energy requirement and eventually, succeeded. We now heat our moulds under very low temperatures and after only a few minutes the mould heats itself and stays at temperature by using the heat of the material. Our factory and offices use LED lighting but our automatic spraying machine can work in the dark anyway. Through our focus on energy consumption we can now produce 200,000 protectors ever 24 hours using less than 4,000kW of electricity.

3 - Automatic Spraying Machine
Our new automatic spraying machine allows our operators to keep away from spray particules, so no need to work with masks. This clever machine also knows just how much spray to use for every mould, conserving energy and reducing waste.

4 - Reusable Head Cleaners
In order to produce our protectors, we mix materials in our mixer heads under very sensitive heat and huminity conditions. Once a mould is filled with the required amount, the magic happens. Curing is where the liquid changes form to its final shape under pressure from the mould. But the same curing process occurs inside our mixer heads. We can clean the mixer heads and push the material out between cures to produce up to 50 protectors in less than 4 minutes. We do not use cheap cleaners which damage our atmosphere or put our workers health at risk. Instead, we have set-up a filter and pump system that allows us to re-use - it's not easy, or cheap, but we feel better doing the right thing.

5 - Improved Formula
Thanks to our tireless consultants our new formula is lighter than ever! ETP-01S is just 30gr with a 6mm thickness and protects the shoulders to Level 1 standard. We are committed to producing even lighter, yet stronger, more protective formulas.

6 - Zero Detox Report
The technical name of the report is Short Chained Chlorinated Paraffins (C10-C13), the important result: Not Detected <1000 ppm

7 - General Operators and Users Healthcare
The working conditions for all our operators must be healthy, it would not be fair to them otherwise. We are proud to say that our operating standrards are higher than the legal requirements and we strive to improve on this every day.

If you believe there are others things we can do to be more Responsible and Green - please let us know.